Top 10 AI-Based Resume Screening Softwares

8 min readAug 29, 2023

The traditional recruitment process is often time-consuming and overwhelming, particularly when dealing with a large number of resumes from candidates. To address this challenge, recruiters are increasingly exploring technological solutions to enhance their hiring procedures and increase their chances of identifying top-notch talent. Fortunately, in 2023, the realm of recruitment is witnessing the emergence of automated resume screening software, offering valuable assistance to numerous HR teams.

So, what exactly are the prominent resume screening software options for recruiters, and how do they function? This article aims to shed light on these questions, offering insights into refining the hiring process. Moreover, it provides recommendations for the best resume screening software in 2023.

Understanding Resume Screening Tools

A resume screening tool serves as an applicant tracking system (ATS) or software that streamlines the process of candidate sourcing. Equipped with advanced technology, these tools encompass various features designed to identify high-quality talent. There are three primary types of resume screening tools commonly utilized in recruitment systems:

  1. AI-Based Resume Screeners: These tools employ human insights to filter and identify the most suitable candidates based on the specific job requirements. Utilizing information from past successful hires, AI-based screeners refine candidate selection.
  2. Parsers: Parsers rely on keywords to match search terms with resume information stored in a database. This online-based tool shortlists candidates based on keyword matches, and it’s accessible at any time.

Between the two, AI-Based Resume Screenings tend to offer a more comprehensive and thorough evaluation of each candidate. Though this also depends on each software in itself, as we will see through this list, it is evident that AI-Based Resume Screenings are heading to be the future in resume screening.

How Does Resume Screening Software Operate?

In essence, resume screening software functions by collecting and collating resumes submitted by job applicants, aligning them with the specific talent requirements of the position. The software then organizes these resumes based on essential qualifications such as education, experience, skills, and achievements. The overarching aim of these tools is to identify the most suitable talent while mitigating biases and discrimination. By employing such software, the recruitment process is not only expedited but also streamlined, enabling recruiters to efficiently identify top candidates without compromising fairness and thoroughness.

Top Resume Screening Tools

1. SkillPool

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, SkillPool’s proprietary technology ensures intelligent candidate selection. SkillPool employs sophisticated algorithms to match the given job description with the most suitable candidates, allowing the recruiters to screen through their applicant pool and find the most suited candidates with ease. SkillPool allows recruiters to combine the speed of AI with human insights to optimize efficiency and accuracy.

SkillPool believes in both accuracy and convenience, and has thus created one of the most convenient and easy-to-use platforms for automated resume screening available. At the same time, the software uses advanced AI technology that allows the users to enjoy the benefits of the state-of-the-art developments in Artificial Intelligence.

SkillPool is also one of the only softwares in this list to offer a free forever plan, in case any users wish to try out the software for their personal use-cases. Overall, it provides some of the best technology for resume screening while also ensuring a great user experience.

Try SkillPool Here

2. CVViZ

CVViZ stands as an automated resume screening software harnessing the prowess of AI technology to expedite the recruitment process. Operating on the cloud, it ensures the availability of resumes at any time, enhancing accessibility. The software employs an intelligent relative ranking system that adeptly matches a candidate’s qualifications to the requisites of talent management.

CVViZ’s distinction lies in its utilization of an in-house AI algorithm that transcends the conventional keyword approach, comprehending resumes contextually. This advanced approach significantly reduces manual intervention, offering real-time candidate ranking. The software’s AI-driven efficiency shines as it automatically identifies top talent from within the recruitment database when a new job opening is added. This not only streamlines recruitment but also enhances its quality, making the entire process simpler, more intuitive, and highly efficient.

Try CVViZ Here

3. Manatal

Manatal presents itself as an AI-driven recruitment software meticulously crafted to expedite candidate sourcing and hiring, addressing the unique needs of HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters. Operating on a cloud-based platform, Manatal ensures an effortless and efficient recruitment process. A noteworthy integration with ATS further accelerates hiring procedures.

The tool’s commitment to enhancing the candidate experience is evident, creating a seamless journey from screening to onboarding. Additionally, Manatal excels in candidate placement management, while its extra offerings include insightful reports and analytics, providing invaluable insights into the company’s hiring requirements.

Try Manatal Here

4. Vervoe

Vervoe stands as an AI-powered skills assessment solution, employing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to efficiently screen resumes at scale. This innovation liberates recruiters from tedious screening, enabling them to focus on high-performing candidates. Predictive analytics integrated into Vervoe automatically grade and rank candidates based on their job suitability. The tool’s algorithmic models meticulously evaluate candidates’ responses against a vast repository of similar inputs, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

Moreover, Vervoe swiftly processes thousands of responses, identifying specific keywords and sentiments aligned with organizational values. The result? A meticulously ordered list of candidates, showcasing their strengths and potential for businesses to harness.

Try Vervoe Here

5. Trakstar Hire

Trakstar Hire is a cutting-edge online applicant tracking tool driven by cloud-based technology. This innovative software streamlines candidate searches and evaluations, efficiently creating and presenting individual candidate profiles.

Centralizing the entire recruitment process, Trakstar Hire empowers recruiters to manage every aspect from a single online platform, ensuring transparency and coordination among all participants. With its user-friendly approach and centralized portal, Trakstar Hire stands as one of the premier choices among resume screening software available today.

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6. Lever

Lever combines an ATS and a candidate management system within a single platform, streamlining both applicant tracking and nurturing. This efficiency is particularly valuable for sourcing candidates for senior and executive positions. Notably user-friendly, Lever delves into workforce diversity to precisely match needed talents.

Alongside an automatic reporting and feedback mechanism, it also integrates DEI analytics for inclusive recruitment. The software excels in automating critical tasks, personalized outreach for attracting top-tier talent, and facilitating real-time access to recruiting data through its versatile add-ons.

Try Lever Here

7. SmartRecruiters

Revolutionizing the recruitment landscape, this software seamlessly integrates AI, CRM, and ATS functionalities. Through the infusion of AI, SmartRecruiters redefines talent acquisition, automating tasks and enhancing overall efficiency. The platform encompasses a spectrum of capabilities, including automated resume screening, intuitive candidate ranking, seamless interview scheduling, and collaborative workflows.

SmartRecruiters transforms the recruitment process, making it both agile and scalable, while ensuring a seamless candidate journey from start to finish.

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8. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit software presents an array of modules designed to leverage various job boards, maximizing the likelihood of connecting with top-tier talent. Through the application of questionnaires and targeted assessments, Zoho Recruit effectively identifies candidates who align with specific requirements.

Notably, its modern and intuitive user interface empowers recruiters and hiring professionals by granting easy access to diverse online dashboards. An exceptional feature offered by Zoho Recruit is its seamless capability to import candidate data directly from other ATS sources, streamlining the data integration process and enhancing efficiency.

Try ZohoRecruit Here

9. Skeeled

Skeeled, an automated applicant tracking system, revolutionizes recruitment by leveraging AI for seamless resume screening and comprehensive candidate assessment. Utilizing cognitive ability tests, motivation assessments, and personality tests, Skeeled meticulously identifies ideal candidates, thereby automating and optimizing the initial stages of the hiring journey.

Beyond resume screening, Skeeled’s advanced search engine and filtering tools facilitate the discovery of fitting candidates from an organization’s resume databases, ensuring precision in talent identification.

Try Skeeled Here

10. Employa

Employa, a cutting-edge recruitment assistant, takes charge of laborious and repetitive tasks such as screening, ranking, data enhancement, and candidate communication. This revolutionary tool empowers recruiters to concentrate on fostering meaningful, face-to-face interactions with precisely targeted candidates, all powered by smart AI technology.

By harnessing AI, Employa effectively filters out unsuitable resumes, curating a meticulously ranked selection of candidates perfectly aligned with your criteria, complemented by enriched profiles.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, the role of technology has become pivotal in shaping the future of talent acquisition. The top 10 resume screening software in 2023 offer a range of features and functionalities, catering to the diverse needs of recruiters across industries. From AI-driven algorithms that streamline the process to collaborative tools that enhance team engagement, these platforms have revolutionized how organizations identify and engage top-tier candidates.

Amid this impressive lineup, SkillPool emerges as the standout solution that transcends the boundaries of conventional resume screening. Powered by advanced AI and designed with a forward-thinking approach, SkillPool embodies the perfect synergy of technology and human insight. It not only ensures accurate and efficient resume matches but also acknowledges the importance of cultural fit and soft skills. SkillPool’s commitment to diversity, fairness, and enhanced candidate experiences is what sets it apart as the ultimate choice for recruiters seeking a comprehensive and forward-looking recruitment solution.




SkillPool is a leading platform dedicated to applying AI in transforming the way organizations hire and build exceptional teams.